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  • Tax Compliance

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One-Stop-Shop online suite of products for small, medium & large enterprises

Choose from the vast array of functionalities from our suite of products to streamline & simplify the functioning of your business

Workseer aligns, build and manage modern, innovative, flexible, high quality, and cost-effective SaaS solution for Time Tracking, Applicants Tracking, New Hire Onboarding, Employee Management, Performance Review, Training Management, Absence Management, and Tax Compliance to help clients achieve their mission and enhance business performance. The flexibility lies in the way the customers can easily switch on/off the Workseer modules of their choice and only pay for the features that they use. Each module in Workseer is highly configurable to meet the complex requirements of the business and at the same very user-friendly. Workseer provides a very secure environment to make sure that all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data are securely handled both at rest or in transit. Roles can be created and assigned to the users based on their job roles as well as their need to know the data.

- Our Suite of Products

Time Tracking | Applicant Tracking | OnBoarding | HRMS | Tax Compliance

Workseer - Complete Time Tracking and Human Resources Information System solutions in a single suite of products

Taxseer - IRS approved & authorized vendor for e-filing form 1099, W-2/W-2C, ACA (1095 B & 1095 C), W-9, 8809, etc

Truck Taxes - IRS approved & authorized vendor for e-filing form 2290, 8849, and 2290 Amendments

- Get IRS Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes

- e-File Form 8849 - Schedule 6 (other claims)

- VIN Correction

- Taxable Gross Weight Increase

- Mileage Increase

- About Workseer

Workseer (Powered by Vihaans Corporation) is a leading provider of employee productivity tools with the aim to contribute at every stage of the organization's operation right from wining the deal, getting resources for the projects, tracking their time & expense and billing customers, making sure the employee's training, performance, & time-off management requirements are managed easily, and help to be tax compliant with IRS/SSA. Our suite of products related to Time/Expense Tracking & Invoicing, Tax Compliance, Human Resources Management, Recruitment, Onboarding that seamlessly integrate with the third parties. Our Taxseer & Taxseer2290 products are the leading IRS-approved e-file solutions to perform online filings of Forms 1099 series, W-2/W-2C, ACA (1095-B & 1095-C), 2290, 8849, 2290 Amendments, W-9, extensions, and many more.

Vihaans Corporation is a Maryland based business founded by technocrats having more than 20 years of experience developing products for Internal Revenue Services (IRS), Human Resources & Development, Global Trade Management, HealthCare, Defense, and Payroll. We have vast experience integrating software products with major ERPs like SAP, Oracle Apps, and Peoplesoft using the market leading EAI tools like Informatica, TIBCO, Pervasive, etc. Our team developed the Vihaans connector that performs all the functionalities of the EAI tool and at the same time tightly integrated with the Vihaans suite of application to provide easy interfacing with third-party systems.

At Vihaans Corporation, we take great pride in our company heritage, which is rich in engineering and software development innovation. We employ a diverse team of talented technologists, industry experts and other business professionals who share a passion and vision of technological innovation and business transformation. Our culture is one that embodies employee empowerment, where we value and encourage out-of-box ideas, individuality, and enterpreneurship. We offer opportunities to make a difference in the world by applying sophisticated technology and strategic thinking to solve complex challenges.

- Our Offerings

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Track time to specific clients, projects, and tasks and accurately invoice clients. Tracking expenses is as easy as snapping a picture; take a picture of your receipt, add details, and save.

Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance

Quick and easy eFiling of IRS & SSA forms including Form 1099-Series, W-2/W-2C, ACA (1095 B & 1095 C), and Extensions. Easy online W-9 management to request and receive the TIN# from the vendors. Recipient portal to allow online access of forms to the vendors. Read more...

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

End-to-end recruiting software to help you attract & hire great employees with less effort. Easily track the workflow status of each applicant and streamline candidate communication and interview scheduling. Read more...

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Effective self-onboarding will allow new hires to get the majority of their paperwork done before they join thus speeding up the onboarding process and making them become productive sooner. Read more...

Employee Management

Employee Management

Manage your employees complete information and maintain the audit trail for all changes made on the records. Self-service option allow employees to update their personal information easily thereby reducing the paperwork. Read more...

Performance Management

Performance Management

Innovative employee evaluations and performance management solution that encourages action to make it effective and the entire process takes less time than usual. Read more...

Training Management

Training Management

Manage the available online trainings in the organization and automatically/manually assign it to the employees based on the training needs. Track the status of the assigned trainings with automatic reminders for delay. Read more...

Time-Off Management

Time-Off Management

Manage different types of paid/non-paid leave policies and track the automatic leave accrual. It's easy for both employees and managers to submit, track, and approve requests. Read more...

- Service Pricing

Workseer provides a very innovative solution for Time/Expense Tracking, Tax Compliance, Recruitment, Onboarding, Time-Off, Performance Review and Training Management at a very competitive pricing model that works well with the SMBs and large Enterprises.

Workseer Module-Wise Pricing

Applicant Tracking
( / Active jobs monthly)
Time Tracking
( /person monthly)
New Hire
( / New Hire)
(/person onboarding)
Absence Management
( /Employee monthly)
Performance Management
( /Employee monthly)
Training Management
( /Employee monthly)

Other Pricings

Job Posting

Variable charges for job posting on the paid job board displayed during posting. Our charges:

$25/Job Posting
Background Check

There is an additinal cost for background check depending on the service selected. Standard price:

$35 / Request

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Vihaans Corporation Headquarter,
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College Park, MD 20740

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IRS approved e-file service provider for forms 2290, 8849, 2290 - Amendments, 1099 Series, W-2/W-2C, ACA (1095 B & 1095 C), & Extensions.