Applicant Tracking System


Every business need to attract and hire high quality employees to compete in the market place. Finding an effective solution that could very easily allow the hiring manager to post jobs on multiple job boards with a click of button is the most desirable thing for the business. Finding the perfect person to fill a position is a tedious job from the stack of applications and it becomes nearly impossible to manually read each resumes. A tool that can perform auto-filtering and provide scores based on the keywords reduces lot of manual effort in the recruitment drive. The next step is to effectively get the shortlisted candidates screened by experts aided by an efficient notification, scheduling and tracking tool.

Applicant Tracking System is the answer for the aforementioned requirements and it is very useful for the fast growing companies who need to very quickly get the smart resources from the market to fulfill the needs of the ongoing and upcoming projects. There are many ATS solutions available in the market that primarily perform the function of organizing, tracking and communicating with applicants. However, Workseer provides an integrated ATS solution that seamlessly integrates with the other modules of the Human Resources System and the Time Tracking system.

Key features of the Workseer Applicant Tracking System

  • Get comprehensive view of the recruitment campaign
  • Job posting on the paid and unpaid job boards
  • Job postings on the organization's internal and external career portal
  • Receive online job applications from the applicants through different sources
  • Automatic resume parsing and scoring based on the keywords
  • Process job applications through configurable workflow
  • Smart rating utility to get the applicants feedback from different recruitment personel in the team
  • Configurable questionnaires to create set of questions for the applicants and automatic filtering based on the response
  • Use standard and custom email templates for all email communications
  • Use online calendar to schedule the interviews and assign interviewers based on the availability
  • Send acceptance or rejection email to the applicants based on the final decisions
  • Assign applicants to other jobs based on the suitability

Workseer ATS

ACA (1095-B & 1095-C)

Comprehensive view of the hiring campaign

  • View the current job status
  • Get a clear view of the most effective source of getting job application
  • Dashboard displays the applicants at different workflow status
  • Pending inbox showing the pending work for the user
  • View the latest activities and commmunications with the applicants
  • Applicants not meeting the criteria are easily moved to the rejected workflow status

1099 For Enterprise & Small Business

Manage Jobs

  • Easily post jobs on the company's website and external job boards with a click of button
  • Configure the required, optional, and disabled information that the applicant is required to view or enter
  • Assign the hiring manager & setup the hiring team for the job
  • Setup custom questionnaire for the applicant. Automatic filtering of applicant based on the response
  • Setup the type of applicants ratings required
  • Set up key words for auto resume filtering
  • Configure the communication email for each workflow stage actions by using the custom email template

1099 For Tax Professionals

Evaluate Candidates

  • Get a clear view of the applicant's workflow status
  • Schedule interview and assign interviewers based on their availability
  • Online rating provided by interviewers
  • Private / public notes added by hiring team members
  • All email communications with the applicant is logged
  • All activities are tracked during the entire hiring process
  • Candidates not selected during the hiring process are optionally notified
  • Applicants selected in ATS are automatically moved to the New Hire stages

ACA (1095-B & 1095-C)

Track recruitment progress

  • All activities related to the hiring process are logged and visible to the entire team
  • All communications with the applicants are logged during the hiring process
  • Move the applicant from one workflow stage to another based on the results of each stage
  • All notes whether private or public are logged and accessible to the appropriate hiring team members

Excise Tax 2290 & 8849

Extend recrutiment coverage with branded career sites

  • Post your job with all the major paid job boards including Monster, Indeed, Dice, Careerbuilder, Glassdoor, etc.
  • Post jobs on many leading non paid job board with a single click
  • Post the job on both company's internal and external career portal
  • Referral feature used by the employees provides quality applicants
  • Negotiated job posting rates with the job boards reduces the overall cost of recruitment

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