Application Connectors

Application Connector

Our application connectors allow users to integrate ERPs or any order management systems with the WorkSeer platform. Since the Workseer application is a bolt-on system that is dependent on the data feed from the ERPs or the legacy system having the Order, Parties, and the Product information and so Workseer works with customers to develop the connectors needed to seamlessly integrate the client's order management system with the Workseer system. Additionally, the cloud-native architecture of WorkSeer allows us to add capabilities requested by companies to enable enhanced vision and control. By integrating their existing systems and utilizing WorkSeer’s migration tools, users can seamlessly make the switch to a powerful platform that offers the flexibility needed to succeed in a challenging environment.

Workseer uses a very secured integration technology using the OAuth2 tokens to securely transmit the data from the source system to the Workseer system using the market standard technologies.

Key Benefits

Improved continuity through the use of existing systems that can integrate within WorkSeer using application connectors, screening data already stored in those systems.

Rapid, seamless integration using application connectors and seamless migration tools.

Reduced risk and increased efficiency by eliminating the need to manually screen existing data.