Customs Filing

CustomsAES Filings

WorkSeer provides user-friendly self-filing solutions for CustomsAES trade data. With just a few clicks, users can consolidate their trade data, insert it into the proper format, and submit it customs officials worldwide. With automated filing, users save time and money as they no longer have to pay expensive broker fees just to submit their import and export declarations. Our customs clearance tools allow users to file easily and remain compliant with various customs rules.

While these rules are updated regularly, WorkSeer leverages its extensive customs experience and extended network of professionals among numerous customs agencies to ensure that users follow the most up-to-date regulations. Users can rest assured that their filings are compliant thanks to our regularly update trade content database.

Key Benefits

Eliminate complications that come with manual filing when you can consolidate your transactional data into the correct forms using WorkSeer’s custom e-filing wizard.

Ensure data accuracy in your customs filings when supported by WorkSeer’s trade content database, the most comprehensive in the industry.

Build an expanded network of customs agencies by leveraging WorkSeer’s existing relationships with customs officials worldwide.

Lower operating costs from faster and more accurate product classification and the reduced need of expensive commodity expertise.

Reduce operating expenses and minimize risk by avoiding expensive broker fees and keeping your precious data in your own hands rathern than inthose of inexperienced or unfamiliar brokers.

Maintain visibility of the status of your CustomsAES data filing and identify/resolve any bottlenecks that may hamper the customs clearance process.