Time-Off Management

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Spend less time on time off management

Workseer helps perform easy time-off management to eliminate scattered time-off requests scattered across emails and sticky notes. It keeps track of the PTO balances for your whole organization and direct requests to the right people for online approval, with easy reporting. It provides a dashboard providing the list of employees who's out of office. You can create custom time-off policies that accrues paid leaves automatically, and employees can submit their time-off request and managers approve them.

ACA (1095-B & 1095-C)

Save time and money

When you're trying to keep track of employee PTO on a manual spreadsheet, it's easy for records to slip through the cracks. The average employee takes an extra three days of unreported PTO each year because of the faulty vacation tracking, costing their company thousands of dollars per year.

Our automated PTO tracking system manages everything for you - no more updating a calendar for hours or second-guessing PTO accruals. With accurate data that's always up-to-date, you'll save yourself (and your organization) signficant time and money

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We make it easy on you

Powerful doesn't have to mean complicated. Workseer employee vacation tracking software is simple and intuitive, so you'll be able to get it set up and going quickly - no computer science or math degree required.

Of course, new software is only effective if the rest of your organization adopts it, too. We've designed everything with ease-of-use in mind, so employees and managers can learn the system and start using it right away.

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Time-off reporting made simple

If you're tracking PTO in spreadsheets, putting together an accurate time-off report may sound like a fantasy. But with Workseer, you can generate several different reports with just a few clicks.

We give you the data you need to dive deeper into employee PTO. You can identify employees who are at risk of burnout by tracking time-off balances, decrease unplanned absences by monitoring the time-off-used trends, and more. Workseer helps your employees live happier and healthier lives and boosts your organization's performance at the same time.

ACA (1095-B & 1095-C)

No more mystery absences or surprise vacations

Unplanned absences can throw a huge wrench in your organization's workflow. Even an approved employee vacation can mess up plans and deadlines if no one knows who's in and out of the office each day. But updating a company-wide calendar each time a request comes in doesn't sound like the most effective leave management either.

That's where our Who's Out Calendar comes in. You can see at a glance who has scheduled time off today or in the next few days, so when you're planning that big department meeting you know your team members will be there.

Excise Tax 2290 & 8849

Approval workflows keep you moving forward

We've seent it all. Multiple levels of approval needed? Various employee PTO policies? Custom time-off categories? No problem, whatever your company's approval process is super simple or incredibly complex, our system can handle it.

You can create approval workflow with up to five individuals to keep everyone in the loop. Once an employee submits a request, managers can approve it instantly. They can also send a custom response to the employee in case the request needs to be denied or adjusted - all with the push of a button.

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