Product Classification

Product Classification

One of the greatest challenges faced by import/export professionals is the classification of products by their Harmonized System (HS) and Export Classification Number (ECN) designations. With over 5,000 commodity groups in the World Customs Organization HS alone, product classification brings immense challenges. When deeper layers of complexity are added, such as country-specific codes to further specify products within relevant jurisdictions, the task of accurate product classification becomes tedious without the use of powerful global trade management tools, such as WorkSeer.

Our trade and software development experts have leveraged the search engine technology to develop advanced product classification tools to provide the exact or very close classification results. Users make better informed decisions and more accurately classify products when guided by the WorkSeer system, which is supported by the most comprehensive trade content database in the industry. Never again worry about costly fines or inefficient delays that result from product misclassification when taking advantage of WorkSeer’s state-of-the-art technology.

Key Benefits

Accurate and consistent product classification guided by WorkSeer’s custom Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning-based for Harmonized System, Export Classification Number, and other designations.

More efficient and faster product classification when guided by keyword-based searches submitted by the user.

Reduced corporate risk the provision of a complete audit trail and historical activity record of product classification designation.

Lower operating costs from faster and more accurate product classification and the reduced need of expensive commodity expertise.

Lower time required to go to market thanks to improved customs clearance times.

Simple integration within existing company systems.