Restricted Parties Screening

Restricted Parties Screening

The Restricted Party Screening (RPS) program screens all orders and customers against the latest Restricted party lists. Screening can take place at different steps in the transaction workflow – behind the scenes as the order moves from the EPR or legacy system to the WorkSeer application, at the time of order creation, or before shipping. The system puts any suspected shipments to Restricted parties hold. The user has the ability to override any false positive hits, after making sure that the party is legitimate. This ensures the highest degree of compliance and peace of mind to the exporter.

Our Restricted Parties Screening module accurately and efficiently screens your partners and customers against more than 200 up-to-date lists of restricted parties and entities, embargoed countries, and debarred individuals. WorkSeer users not only conduct their business with increased confidence in compliance but also operate with improved speed and efficiency by allowing WorkSeer to automatically prepare and submit required compliance documents.

When using WorkSeer, users access the most comprehensive database of trade content in the global trade management industry. This database is comprised of information for more than 200 countries and includes data on Harmonized Tariff Schedules, ECCN, Country Chart, Export/Import Controls, and more. When it comes to compliance, make the switch to WorkSeer to finally gain the import/export peace of mind that you deserve.

Key Benefits

Ability to screen customers and trading partners against over 200 regularly updated lists of restricted parties and entities, embargoed countries, and debarred individuals.

Flexibility to conduct ad-hoc screening against single records or automated batch screening as an ongoing program.

Avoidance of non-compliance consequences such as fines, loss of export privileges, and even criminal prosecution.

Reduced corporate risk and demonstrable reasonable care via the provision of a complete audit trail of denied parties screening activity.

Increased efficiency and lowered costs through integration with other enterprise systems using WorkSeer‘s Open APIs.

Customization due to the customizable nature of our cloud-based architecture so that multiple organizations within a company can utilize different software configurations.