Important Features Of Our Global Trade Management Solution are

Restricted Parties Screening

Our configurable screening algorithm handles various difficult scenarios to prevent any omissions and uses the denied parties content from over 700 lists globally.

Trade Export

Screen transactions for Denied Parties & Licenses and generate required documents for related parties and customs. Perform electronic filing of CustomsAES data.

Product Classification

Perform AI-based product classification for Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS) & Export Classification Number (ECN) using Workseer's Trade Content for 220+ countries.

Trade Documents

Use Workseer's 100+ trade documents template to automatically identify the documents required for the transaction and generate & store them in secured database.

Customs Filing

Workseer validates all required information for the transactions and creates & submits the electronic files to the CustomsAES system and provides the latest approval status.

Shipment Consolidation

Consolidate multiple transactions into one shipment transaction based on the different consolidation critera available in the system and perform all export related activities.

Global Trade Content

Support trade content for 200+ countries including Harmonized Tariff Schedules, ECCN, Country Chart, Export/Import controls, Landed cost, and the required documents

Trade Engines & Wizards

Workseer provides REST APIs to access trade content from any Order Management systems. Use trade wizard online screen to access trade content using search criteria.

Application Connectors

Application Connectors allow two ways interfacing of the external systems with Workseer through the REST APIs, queues, batch processor, and XML/JSON file formats.