- State Forms Supported (Under Construction...)

Workseer.com provides online processing of TTB, States and Counties Operational reports & other compliance forms. We have strived hard and successfully made our auto-mail and self-mail service a smart and efficient substitute to paper forms. We auto-print & auto-mail operational reports and other compliance forms to the Federal, State, and Counties. We also create electronic data for the States accepting data in their prescribed format.

Workseer is currently in the process of releasing the following State's Compliance forms:

California - Alcoholic Beverage Tax Form

  • CDTFA-217 Common Carrier's Report of Delivery
  • CDTFA-240-A Distilled Spirits Received From Own Bottling Department
  • CDTFA-241-A Distilled Spirits Purchased or Received from Other Licensees in California
  • CDTFA-242-A Distilled Spirits Imported into California
  • CDTFA-243-B Claim for Distilled Spirits Excise Tax Exemption on Sale or Delivery to Other Licensees in California
  • CDTFA-244-B Claim for Excise Tax Exemption on Distilled Spirits Exported or Sold to Common Carriers and/or Armed Forces Instrumentalities
  • CDTFA-269-BM Beer Imported into California Report
  • CDTFA-269-BW Beer and Wine Imported into California Report
  • CDTFA-269-WG Wine Imported into California Report
  • CDTFA-1056 Vendor's Report of Beer Shipments Into California
  • CDTFA-1096 Customs Broker's Report of Transactions

Washington - Alcoholic Beverage Tax Form

  • LIQ-788 Beer Importer
  • LIQ-755 Beer/Wine Distributor
  • LIQ-526 Domestic and Micro Brewery
  • LIQ-774 Domestic Winery
  • LIQ-111 Interstate Common Carrier
  • LIQ-871 Retailer Receiving Direct Shipment
  • LIQ-776 Wine Importer
  • LIQ-319 Beer Authorized Representative COA
  • LIQ-318 Wine Authorized Representative COA
  • LIQ-778 Wine Certificate of Approval Holder
  • LIQ-870 Wine Shipper to Consumer
  • LIQ-112 Craft Distillery
  • LIQ-160 Distillery
  • LIQ-871 Retailer Receiving Direct Shipment
  • LIQ-161 Spirit Distributor
  • LIQ-164 Spirit Retailer
  • LIQ-162 Spirit Authorized Representative and COA

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