Trade Documents

Trade Documents

Trade Import & Export Documents

Service Overview

As an exporter, you not only need documents required by Customs, but also the documents that might be required by any other government agency regulating your commodity. This enables an exporter to meet business and regulatory requirements, keep detailed records and provide an audit trail. This module creates and archives the following kinds of forms automatically based on our rules based document determination engine.

  • CI – Commercial Invoice
  • SED – Shipper’s Export Declaration
  • PL – Packing List
  • BOL – Bill of Lading
  • SLI - Shipper Letter of Instruction

Workseer allows users to setup rule-based documents generation. Rules definition can be dynamically created from the transaction record and then different rules can be entered based on the business requirements. Our rules-based document determination program very efficiently finds the rule matching the transaction and identifies the documents configured for the rule. These documents are automatically generated and archived.

Document Autoprint - System can be configured to automatically generated rules-based documents and sent to the predefined printer.

Document Autoemail - System can be configured to automatically generate rules-based documents and email to a predefined distribution group.

Key Benefits

System automatically identifies the forms that needs to be generated for the transaction and this will avoid any missing documents during trade export & import.

Since the transactions are already stored in the system and so document generation is automatic with no manual intevention required.

In some cases, users would like to change some values in the document for a specific transaction and the document edit feature in Workseer allows such changes.

All documents generated in Workseer are archived with the audit trail information. All edited documents are generated with the updated values.

Customers can request Workseer to customize forms like Commerical Invoice or Proforma Invoice for them and Workseer can do that for a fee.

We store the documents for seven years and then they are archived to the backup database.