Next-Gen GTM


Next Generation Global Trade Management

Our mission is to empower companies that conduct international trade to increase efficiency, improve operations, and lower costs. We do so by deploying flexible yet powerful global trade management software that ensures compliance with dynamic trade rules and regulations.

WorkSeer was founded by the same technical team that developed the industry's leading GTM software over twenty years ago. Since then, our software developers and trade content experts have delivered trade compliance solutions to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Today, this team has reassembled to build the next generation of GTM software, built from scratch in the cloud. This cloud-native architecture provides users with an easy-to-access interface and budget-friendly pricing options that scale with the growth of their businesses.

Our Chief Strategist & Advisor

Rajiv Uppal serves as WorkSeer’s Chief Strategist & Advisor. In 1994, Mr. Uppal founded NextLinx, a pioneering company in global trade automation that guided clients such as Boeing, Cisco Systems, and FedEx in how to define and develop their global trade strategies. Under Mr. Uppal's leadership, NextLinx became the leading Global Trade Management solution by the early 2000’s, leading to its acquisition by Management Dynamics in 2005. As part of WorkSeer's leadership team, Mr. Uppal guides our strategy in delivering a cloud-based solution and subscription-based pricing model for companies looking to become more agile and save on operating costs by embracing the application-transformation-to-cloud revolution.

_ WHAT WE DO ? _

Workseer Features

The WorkSeer global trade management (GTM) suite is a cloud-native software solution that provides users with the compliance and management tools they need to simplify and accelerate the import and export of any product to or from any country in the world. These tools are supported by an industry-leading content library of over 200 global lists, which allows users to plan, optimize, and execute global business operations while remaining compliant with relevant rules and regulations for the exporting and importing countries. Our validation processes are driven by a powerful restricted parties screening algorithm that ensures any companies in the restricted parties lists are identified and the records put on hold.

Global Trade Management

The Workseer platform contains multiple tools to help users manage their supply chains and conduct import and export checks against a database of hundreds of global lists. These tools include restricted parties screening, trade export, product classification, and more.

Restricted Parties Screening

Conduct automated trade parties screening using a very configurable & complex screening logic against the world's most comprehensive trade content database, with more than 200 lists from across the globe.

Trade Export

Perform restricted parties screening, export license determination, license management, electronic Customs AES filings, product classification,and generate required trade documents for related parties and customs.

Product Classification

Perform intelligent product classification for Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS) & Export Classification Number (ECN) using Workseer's global trade content database of more than 220 countries.

Trade Documents

Utilize more than 50 trade document templates and automatically generate & store them in your secured WorkSeer database.

Customs Filing

Validate Customs filing data, submit Customs AES files electronically, receive response files from AES, and update approval/rejection status in Workseer.

Shipment Consolidation

Consolidate multiple transactions using the dynamic WorkSeer consolidation criteria to take advantage of reduced freight rates associated with higher volumes.

Global Trade Content

Access trade content for more than 100 countries, including Harmonized Tariff Schedules, ECCN, Country Chart, Export/Import Controls, and Landed Costs.

Trade Engines & Wizards

Incorporate custom REST APIs and online trade wizards to access and manipulate trade content from other order management systems. Workseer's Trade Wizard provides acess to the Trade Content through the same REST APIs

Application Connectors

Take advantage of WorkSeer's Application Connectors, which allow two-way interfacing of external systems via REST APIs, queues, batch processors, and XML/JSON file formats.

Global Identity Check

Workseer screens the business and individuals for a variety of identity checks from the database of hundreds of global lists and validates the background of the searched entity or individual. Workseer is focused on making identity verification an easy experience, helping your users get verified on the first try and keeping out the criminals, while stopping fraud. We allow customers to Fight financial crime and convert more customers

Global Identity Checks For KYC & KYB

  •     200+ Global Identity Check Lists
  •     REST APIs for integration with customer's systems
  •     Configurable screening algorithm
  •     Minimal false positive hits
  •     Audit trails
  •     Detailed screening reports
  •     Pay per use
  •     Experienced team members who actually architected the Amber Road Solution

Know Your Customers (KYC)

Today’s global economy allows companies to reach a wide range of clients. But with this expanded market comes the need to verify users in order to be compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) policy. Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures give businesses the ability to verify the identity of a client and, in doing so, the ability to assess the potential risk of doing business with that specific client. Not only is this a critical business practice for companies operating in the modern economy, but non-compliance can also lead to fines, sanctions, and a tarnished reputation for your company. Workseer's effective KYC solutions save you from these consequences and grant peace of mind in your establishing customer identity, understanding customer motivations, and determining the level of risk associated with doing business with a particular client.

Know Your Business (KYB)

With global threats of fraud and other criminal activity abound, your company needs powerful tools to identify the companies with which you do business. WorkSeer’s thorough Know-Your-Business (KYB) compliance checks verify business identity, ownership, and other attributable information, allowing you to avoid the costly penalties of non-compliance. This business verification data can also be monitored over time, regularly checking financial transactions under Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) procedures, similar to those followed in the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance process.

Latest Global Lists

Workseer's experience trade content team updates our global list database daily so that you are working from the most up-to-date information when conducting any of the multiple identity check options that we offer to validate cutomers and businesses in real time.

Customized Identity Checks

WorkSeer users can configure their trade content lists and tune the screening logic behind the identity check service so that they best fit the needs of their organization.

Powerful Screening Algorithm

WorkSeer utilizes a powerful screening algorithm that ensures compliance when conducting identity checks while minimizing the occurence of false positive indications.

Real-Time & Bulk Identity Checks for Clients & Businesses From More Than 200 Global Lists

We provide a scalable compliance solution with the options to screen individuals or business through the User Interface or REST APIs. Global Trade Management records are automatically screened against the global identity lists and the screening reports provides details for the compliance managers to take decisions to put the customers on actual hold or override hold.

Our team of 50+ global content specialist regularly update the global lists to provide the latest data for screening. The biggest challenge in developing the algorithm for screening the individuals & businessess is to ensure that the real Restricted/Debarred party is caught and at the same time there should not be lot of false positive hits. A very powerful and highly configurable screening API ensures that both these requirements are perfectly handled.

The following are some of the important lists against which our screening APIs screens the individuals and businessess:

  •     Restricted Parties List
  •     Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
  •     OFAC Watch List
  •     Money Laundering Concerns (FINCEN)
  •     Excluded Parties List
  •     Excluded Individuals and Entities
  •     Unverified List
  •     Entity List
  •     Palestinian Legislative Council
  •     Ukraine-Russia Related Sanctions
  •     State Debarment Lists
  •     SAM Exclusion Screening
  •     IRS Exempt Organizations
  •     Medicaid Lists
  •     Most Wanted
  •    OFAC Other Lists

  •     Foreign Interference in a United States Election
  •     Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
  •     Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List
  •     Specially Designated Global Terrorist-SDGT
  •     Specially Designated Narcotic Trafficke
  •     Non-SDN Palestinian Legislative Council
  •     Non-SDN Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies List
  •     Non-SDN Menu-Based Sanctions List (CAATSA RUSSIA)
  •     Correspondent Account or Payable-Through Account Sanctions
  •     Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act of 2017 (CAATSA) - Section 224
  •     Executive Order - Russia
  •     Human Rights Information Technology
  •     Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities
  •     Merchant Vessel, Cuba
  •     Protecting Europe's Energy Security Act
  •    DOS Lists

  •     Missile Technology Concerns
  •     Transfer of Lethal Military Equipment
  •     Chemical Biological Weapons Concerns
  •     Cuba Prohibited Accommodations List
  •     Department of State Cuba Restricted List
  •     Department of State Debarred Parties
  •     Department of State, China
  •     Designated Terrorist Organization (DOS/OFAC)
  •     Iran Sanctions Act
  •    Other US DPL Lists

  •     List of Foreign Financial Institutions
  •     Iran, North Korea and Syria Non-proliferation Act
  •     CAATSA Section 231(d) Defense and Intelligence Sectors of the Government of the Russian Federation
  •     Money Laundering Concerns (FINCEN)
  •     Military End User List, Commerce
  •     Military-Intelligence End User List
  •     End-User Requiring License - Entity List

  •     Address Validations
  •     Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations
  •     Politically Exposed People
  •     Death Master List
  •     FBI Wanted Lists
  •     Sanctions List
  •     Arms Export Control Act
  •     INTERPOL Wanted
  •     Anti-Terrorism Financing & Entities
  •     United Nations Consolidated
  •     Consolidated Sanctions List
  •     Iran-Syria Nonproliferation Act
  •     Iranian Sanctions Act
  •     Sectoral Sanctions Identifications
  •    BIS Lists

  •     Denied Persons List
  •     Red Flag Concerns
  •    International Lists

  •     European Union Sanctions List
  •     United Nations Security Council Sanctions
  •     Canada Condolidated Autonomous List
  •     Australia Regulated Consolidated List
  •     UK Consolidated List
  •    Most Wanted Lists

  •     FBI Most Wanted
  •     Secret Service Most Wanted
  •     ICE Most Wanted
  •     Dept. of Corrections Most Wanted
  •     DOJ Most Wanted
  •     DOT Most Wanted
  •     HHS Most Wanted
  •     DOS Most Wanted
  •     FDA Most Wanted
  •     AFOSI Most Wanted
  •     Bank Robbers Most Wanted
  •     Crimes against children Most Wanted
  •     Criminal Enterprise Investigations Most Wanted
  •     Cyber's Most Wanted
  •     Domestic Terrorism Most Wanted
  •     DOJ Most Wanted
  •     Most Wanted Terrorism Most Wanted
  •     Voilent Crimes Most Wanted
  •     Endangered Child Alert Program
  •     Homicide and Sexual Assaults
  •     Seeking information Most Wanted
  •     Terrorist Designated Organozation
  •     ATF Most Wanted
  •     DEA Most Wanted
  •     US Marshalls Most Wanted
  •     Major Fugitive Cases Most Wanted
  •     Violent Criminal Apprenhension Program

_ Why Choose Us ? _

Why You Choose Our Products & Services

Pure Cloud-Based Global Trade Management Solution Scalable to the Highest Level to Transform Your Business

Peace of Mind

With the ability to screen customers and trading partners against over 200 government-issued lists, WorkSeer guarantees that your business is working with the most up-to-date lists of restricted parties and entities, embargoed countries, and debarred individuals. Our AI/ML-based product classification correctly defines products and provides a buffer against fines and delays that slow down your business.

Future Proof

WorkSeer employs the most technologically advanced global trade management software tools and services, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based product classification and integration with other order management applications using custom WorkSeer APIs.

Customization and Flexibility

Your business needs to move quickly, utilizing tools built specifically for you. Our cloud-native solution provides an agile, available solution, and our open APIs allow you to connect your existing systems to the WorkSeer environment.

Secure Environment

WorkSeer uses SSL-encrypted connections to transfer sensitive information, and our cloud-native architecture extends the intelligence, availability, and security of the WorkSeer application so that you're working within a safe environment.

Feel In Control

The network of bureaucracy and regulations surrounding import/export can be daunting. Remain in control with WorkSeer's most up-to-date trade content database, document determination, and centralized document management system, which secures critical trade documents for easy access.


The Global Supply Chain never rests, so neither do we. Our cloud-based application is always available for users 24/7/365. Additionally, our experienced team provides 24/7 unlimited support to ensure uninterrupted access to the WorkSeer system.

Speed and Efficiency

When you automate compliance with WorkSeer, you minimize export risks by eliminating guesswork surrounding country-specific regulations. Minimized risks and automated document filing increase speed and efficiency within your business.

High Scalability

Workseer is a pure native Cloud-based solution using the AWS Cloud infrastructure and the avialble APIs to make it an auto-scalable solution that automatically manages the increase in load to provide a consistent performance and optimum usage price.

_ Why Choose Us ? _

Our Experienced Team

Workseer's leadership team members are the original architects & developers of the Amber Road's Global Trade Management System having more than 25 years of experience supporting many of the Fortune 500 customers to perform hassle free Trade around the Globe.

Manoj Choudhary

(Ex- Hewlett & Packard (HP) )
Founder & President

Keegan Garza

(International Security Studies, Georgetown University )
Chief Executive Officer

Vinita Kumari

(Ex- Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) )
Co-Founder & COO

Sanjiv Choudhary

(Ex- Amber Road )
Chief Information Officer

Deepak Sharma

(Ex- Amber Road )
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Meghnath Chintakrindi

(Licensed Customs Broker &
Ex-Amber Road)
Chief Trade Compliance Officer

200 +

Global Restricted Parties List


Countries Trade Content


Integration APIs


Trade Document Templates

Pricing Package

Flexible pricing that scales with your business
No upfront costs. No commitment required.

Workseer offers you a pay-as-you-go approach for pricing for the online Global Trade Management services. With Workseer you pay only for the services for as long as you use them, and without requiring long-term contracts or complex licensing. Workseer pricing is similar to how you pay for AWS cloud services. You only pay for the transactions that you process & store in the database, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.

Pay-as-you-go allows you to easily adapt to changing business needs without overcommitting budgets and improving your responsiveness to changes. With a pay-as-you-go model, you can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk of overprovisioning or missing capacity. This is a big shift in the way the previous Global Trade Management vendors use to charge their customers that needed heavy initial investment that caused the vendor locking in the long run.

Per Record Pricing

With per-record billing, you pay for the total records in the key database tables every month. It only charges for the active records in the Workseer database every month based on the band pricing rates that goes on decreasing with the records count. A proper archival plan for the processed records provides huge savings.

Pricing Package for Large Enterprises

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