Shipment Consolidation

Shipment Consolidation

With increased shipping fees and supply chain challenges, companies are always looking for ways to intelligently cut costs. One way to do so is through the shipment consolidation process. This process allows operators with sufficient networks to combine multiple shipments from different origins into one container, which reduces total shipping costs.

This process requires extra planning when it comes to documentation. The forwarder must prepare separate waybills for each consolidated shipment as well as a consolidated list on which the recipient is listed as the forwarder. It can become complicated, but WorkSeer helps users untangle this complex web of regulations by accurately and efficiently consolidating multiple orders into one shipment using relevant consolidation criteria.

Key Benefits

Lower shipping costs and reduce operating by consolidating multiple shipments into one container for safe transport and easy tracking.

Ensure correct documentation using WorkSeer tools which guide based on relevant consolidation criteria.

Reduce stress of tracking multiple shipments when goods can be transported together in a single container.