Trade Export

Trade Export

WorkSeer’s Trade Export module allows users to improve compliance and increase efficiency by automating key tasks within their compliance workstreams. Our software, when combined with the most comprehensive trade content database in the industry, minimizes user risk by establishing regulatory compliance, allowing the user to make better informed decisions and operate their businesses with confidence.

Key Benefits

Limited exposure to non-compliance penalties and brand risk through the application of consistent and automated export controls.

Efficient screening and proven compliance with thousands of country-specific rules and regulations by using the industry’s most comprehensive trade content database.

More accurate and efficient export procedures through the application of industry leading technology such as AI/ML-based product classification.

More informed decision making, supported by our system’s notification of relevant documents and submission status updates.

Increased control and easy access to your files through a centralized document management system for license usage, exemptions, end-user statements, critical trade documents and other relevant documents.

Reduced corporate risk and demonstrable reasonable care via the provision of a complete audit trail of denied parties screening activity.

Easy collaboration with customers and partners via WorkSeer’s user-friendly, cloud-native interface.